honey peanut butter

I've always loved peanut butter. A spoonful with a glass of soy milk has been my bedtime snack for years. I was a die hard Peter Pan creamy kind of girl, until I started making my own. Now, I want to gag at the thought of store bought peanut butter. It just doesn't get any better than this, guys.

Also, this is the time of year when I start worrying about seasonal allergies. (Which I never suffered from until I moved to Texas!) I buy local honey to help build our immunity against what's floating around out there. The idea behind eating local honey is that because it contains the same pollen spores that are in the air, (and bothering you) eating it will gradually expose you to those allergens, thus reducing your reaction to them, sort of like vaccinations do.

4 cups of roasted, salted peanuts
1/3 honey

Puree peanuts in a food processor until a smooth, creamy butter is formed. Approximately 5 minutes. Stir in honey. Store in an air tight jar. I don't refrigerate mine, because it's usually eaten within a couple of weeks. 


  1. i LOVE peanut butter. i'm seriously trying this after work today. and i didn't know that about honey, and since my allergies are out of control, i'm willing to try anything.

  2. Woot! Homemade peanut butter! Well that sounds just yummy :)
    And the pasta below looks scrumptious as well, my stomach is roaring!


  3. easy! but i've never seen it done

  4. Aha! That was my question! I used to buy the freshly ground kind but they said it had to be refrigerated. Well, it would get really hard and not very spreadable. I would totally eat a jar in a week. Two max.

  5. wow, if I had known it was this easy to prepare! I love peanut butter and when we moved to Croatia I couldn't find it anywhere! (hubby said, we don't eat peanut butter, we eat nutella!)after a while, we found at a small shop and i would buy all the bottles on the shelf!hehe
    and I agree with you, honey is good for you, but i didn't know about purchasing the local brands. I will have to do that from now on.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I keep having these "why haven't I tried this yet?" moments, and this is yet another one. Is it really that easy? Is it cheaper? (I would assume.) Cool.

    Oh by the way I tried those baked eggs last week. Yuuummmmmmm. :-)

  7. Oh, I love peanut butter! This makes me wish I had a food processor!

  8. Peanuts and honey are a favorite of mine! This looks amazing!