Irish creamed coffee

I realize how awful it is of me to post this at the close of the weekend.. but there's always tomorrow, and what's a Monday morning without a little bit of whiskey?

Jameson Irish whiskey
Bailey's Irish cream
1/2 pint heavy cream
1 tbsp. sugar
ground cinnamon

For the cream: whip the heavy cream and sugar with an electric mixer (you can do it by hand, it just takes forever!) until you get firm peaks. Set aside. 

Brew coffee. In a single serving cup add coffee, 3/4 oz. each of Bailey's and Jameson, then stir. Top with cream and cinnamon. 


*Funny sidenote: I don't actually know how to brew coffee. I always mess up the coffee to water ratio and/or end up with a lot of coffee grains in the bottom of the pot. So, I use a little single cup drip contraption that I bought at the Asian market when I make coffee, since I usually only make it when I want it Vietnamese style. I decided to use the coffee pot today, because I figured I would want more than one cup, and I broke it!


  1. mmm. that looks so good. it's been getting cold here and this would be perfect to warm up!

  2. Yummy, looks delicious! I want one right now!!

  3. yeah a new recipe! this is a good one :)

  4. well yum looking, another one to try

  5. holy deliciousness, that sounds good! and perfect for this chilly weather. must try.

  6. oh goodness, it's almost 10pm. i'm drinking wine, and i'm honestly considering going to brew some coffee and change my beverage to this right now! because we do have irish cream! and whipped cream in a can. i make coffee using a french press :)